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All That Jazz

Representing the happenin’ fashions of the late l960’s, All That Jazz™ Barbie® doll proudly joins The Collector’s Request® Collection. Chosen from the Barbie® archives, All That Jazz™ Barbie® doll reflects the bright, colorful mood of the mod decade! The bold, geometric design and hot colors are completely on-trend in this favorite fashion that debuted in 1968 as #1848 in the 1800 series fashions. Barbie® doll, reproduced from a vintage body sculpt, wears a reproduction of the 1968 fashion - metallic woven dress with pleated skirt and bold stripes of orange, hot pink, chartreuse, and metallic goldtone. Golden bead buttons accent the matching coat and stylish accessories include hose, shoes and an orange hair bow!


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Stock Status:  In Stock
Series: Vintage Reproduction
Year:  2006

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