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Honey in Hollywood Accessory Pack

Honey in Hollywood Accessory Pack Barbie® Fashion Model Collection The latest must-have accessory among Hollywood’s elite? A darling dog, of course! Like many other up-and-coming stars, our favorite leading lady loves having a pretty pooch by her side. Barbie® doll’s beloved dog, Miss Honey™ takes the cake when it comes to pet glamour, Tinseltown style. Chic in a pale blue bow, this adorable Yorkie rests on a matching doggie day bed. Best friend Barbie® doll relaxes luxuriously, too - this fabulous accessory pack also includes gorgeous loungewear, complete with a robe and teddy, plus a “telephone,” “magazines” and “chocolate” box, perfect for unwinding after a long day on set.


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Stock Status:  Out of Stock
Series: Fashion Model Collection
Year:  2007

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